How much sunlight do flowers need?

One of the key factors in determining how well your flowers grow is how much sun they need. Even if you keep them watered, provide them with fertilizer, and keep the weeds under control, flowers in Lakeville, Minn. simply won’t do well if they’re not getting the right amount of sunlight. However, don’t assume that this means you should always plant your flowers out in sunny parts of your yard. Some flowers will actually die if you do that because they end up getting too much sun. It can be difficult to tell how much sunlight your flowers need, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

How do Gardeners Define Light? Gardeners have a few specific terms for defining light, and you’ll usually see these terms when looking at plants and seeds. If you’re not familiar with these terms, here’s how they’re usually defined:

  • Full shade or deep shade means that these flowers do not need any direct sunlight. You’ll want to put them in the shadiest part of your yard.
  • Partial shade flowers will need some sunlight at some point. They’re usually planted in an area that either gets full sun in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Light shade flowers should be planted under trees or in other areas that get a good amount of sun but are also shaded at times, especially during the afternoon.
  • Partial sun is similar to light shade, but these flowers can handle the hot afternoon sun.
  • Full sun flowers need at least six hours of direct sunlight every day, so keep them away from trees. These flowers are usually planted in areas out away from houses, too.

Signs Flowers are Getting More Sun than they Need

If you start to see that your plants are wilting, it could be a sign that they’re getting too much sun. Take a look at their leaves: are the dried out, or do the edges look like they’re burnt? Are the flowers dried out? Do the flowers in Lakeville, Minn. look like they’re faded? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your plants may be getting too much sun and may need to be moved to a different part of your yard.

Signs Flowers are Not Getting Enough Sun

On the other hand, flowers that seem to have spindly stems are probably not getting enough light. Other signs that flowers need more sun include sparse growth and leaves that are spaced fairly far apart. You won’t get as many blooms on a flower in Lakeville, Minn. that needs more sun, either. You may even see the entire flower start leaning towards the sunlight as if it’s trying to physically move itself into a better location.

Choosing Plants for Your Garden

Every plant at Cal’s Garden Center has plant information on its tag including the type of sunlight the plant requires to thrive. Inside the greenhouse and outside in the nursery plants are organized first by the type of light they require then according to their growth habit. Plant selections can be made according to the amount of sunlight your yard provides and the height and dimensions required to add beauty to your landscape.

Flowerbeds up close to your house aren’t going to be good for full sun flowers, while those who have flower beds out away from the home without any trees nearby will need flowers that like the light. If you’re uncertain, you can ask one of the flower experts who work in our greenhouse for their recommendations.

Check the plant tags and the greenhouse signs for sun or shade lovers and thriller, chiller, spiller or filler growth habits. Come see all of the beautiful plants in our garden center in Savage, Minn. for more information or contact the flower experts at Cal’s Garden Center today!