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Prairie Spy is a beautiful red apple with cream-colored streaks running across the skin of this large fruit. Originally developed in Minnesota to be the commercial apple variety that could sustain apple orchards in cold climates. Prairie Spy was meant to be the cultivar that growers could produce in regions generally considered to be too cold and harsh for commercial apple production! This delicious cultivar is incredibly sweet when it reaches peak ripeness and is great for fresh eating, baking and cooking! Over the years, newer cold-hardy apple varieties have become more popular, but Prairie Spy still remains an excellent choice for homegrown, sweet, and flavorful apples. From Montana to New York, Prairie Spy is still widely enjoyed by home orchardists today! Since it’s tolerant of the cold, Prairie Spy ripens between late September and early October. This fruit typically reaches peak flavor after other apples have fallen off the tree, allowing growers of Prairie Spy to extend their fruit harvest season by up to 30 days! Prairie Spy is an incredibly resilient and well-flavored apple variety that has been widely planted and enjoyed for almost a century!