How to increase the value of your property through gardening

If you’re trying to sell your home, or even if you just want to raise your property’s value. Give proof why professional landscaping is the number one sure fire way to increase property value even above a kitchen remodel. There is proof out there.

Get Rid of Unattractive Areas

If you have a part of your yard that’s simply not very attractive, why not turn it into a flowerbed? Maybe there’s a spot where nothing really grows, or perhaps you want to hide your ugly basement windows or vents. Putting Shakopee flowers and other plants there can be the perfect way of changing an eyesore into a beautiful, colorful part of your landscaping. Even if the soil isn’t that great, you can install a small raised bed or even replace the soil.

Get Rid of Ugly Plants and Weeds

If you have things growing in your yard that you really dislike, replace them with some gorgeous flowers or bushes. This not only makes your home look more attractive, which in turn can increase its value, but it also helps remove weeds and other things that can be problematic.For example, if you have a lot of small trees coming up around your home or driveway, it’s possible that their roots can begin to damage your home’s foundation unless you pull them out. Weed guard fabric, mulch and preen are a few ways to help prevent weed growth in your landscape.

Add Shade Trees

While it’s not quite the same as planting Shakopee flowers, however adding a few shade trees can help cut down on your cooling costs during the summer, and that can be majorly attractive to homebuyers looking to save some money. Having shade trees in the backyard is another thing that’s sure to appeal to couples with children or those who like being outside.

Think Low Maintenance

Not everyone is going to want to spend several hours every week outdoors, keeping the flowerbeds maintained. While you may want to put some very colorful Shakopee flowers and plants in some places, also remember to look for plants that don’t need a lot of care. This includes plants that can thrive in low water conditions or that won’t be sad if they don’t get a good amount of sun every day. Also look for flowers that will continue to come up year after year, so that future homebuyers don’t end up with empty flowerbeds after you’ve left.

Keep the Bushes Trimmed

Finally, you can make your home more appealing and, therefore, add some value to it by keeping the bushes trimmed back. A house with out of control landscaping is likely to make people wary of even coming indoors, and it can certainly affect how much they’re going to bid for the property.

Cal’s Gardening Services division can maintain your professional landscape by pruning, trimming, splitting perennials, transplanting, and adding color and dimension to your landscape.